Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspiration, Aspiration, & Life Lessons

Duff Goldman & Geoffrey Zakarian

These guys are two of my biggest inspirations in the culinary world. Duff is literally the definition of creativity. I can't help but aspire to be as successful as they are. 

Grandpa Frisch

I have learned so many things from this man. From riding a bike and tying my shoes, to being strong through any obstacle life throws my way. My grandparents practically raised me. I never went to daycare or preschool. They taught me to read and write. Grandpa battled so many different health issues, I never really realized how lucky I was to have him in my life for as long as I did. I can only hope to be as strong of a person as he was, and as kind and talented. There was literally nothing he couldn't do. He fixed anything that broke, had the greenest thumb I've ever seen, made the best Johnny cake I've ever had, and made all kinds of things out of wood on the workbench. He had so many friends and everyone that met him always liked him. He was so funny and I don't think he even knew it. Whenever I need to be a little nicer or a bit stronger, I think of him. 

Grandma Ruth

This woman is the reason I love to cook. If it wasn't for her, I'd have never found my passion. Ever since I was 8 she had me in the kitchen. Helping her with lunch, and making my own breakfast. She taught me the basics behind everything I know. She also taught me a lot of other things, some listed above in my grandpa post. 


My dad is one amazing man. My mom and him got a divorce 2 years ago. He raises 3 girls by himself, and deserves some type of award. I couldn't ask for a better dad. He's taught me soooo many things, like how scary movies are better than any others, Stephen King is an amazing author, the color blue is the best, and hot wings are God's gift to man kind. He also taught me right from wrong, the right way to raise a kid, and how to take care of myself. He helped me get my first car, and supports me in everything I do. I hope to one day be at least half the parent you've been to me. If I had to pick the job you'd be best at, it would definitely be being a dad. 

Shad (My 2nd dad)

This guy right here is amazing. He's my dad's best friend, and is like another parent to me. He would drop anything just to help someone. He is so talented. He can build things and basically fix anything, from household things, to cars, to electronics. If I ever need advice or someone to vent to, I go to him. In the past year we've all been through so much together. This guy is part of the glue that holds us all together. He's taught me that you can get through anything with the right people in your life, you can do anything if you put your head and heart into it, and how to build and make random stuff. He's the best sous chef and building partner, and I'm thankful to have him in my life.

Grandpa Gatsby 

My grandpa is an Elvis impersonator. Yep, sequin jumpsuits and everything. I've recently learned from him that even when you don't see someone everyday, or very often for that matter, that doesn't mean they care about you any less. My grandpa has never lived in the same state as me, so we've never been real close. I recently visited him in Vegas and saw his home there for the first time. His house is covered in pictures of me and my sisters. Until that moment I never really realized how much we meant to him. I also learned that when you find the right person, you'll know, and they'll change you for the better. My grandpa has the greatest and truest love I have ever seen for my step grandma, Gloria. Her pictures are everywhere and he talks about her in a way I've never seen. He told me he still gets butterflies every time she walks through the door. Seeing that was incredible, and I can only hope someone feels exactly that way for me one day.

Kayla Decker

Kayla and her brother Kyle were basically my brother and sister growing up. We moved to a new town right when I was starting 4th grade. They lived right across the street from us. The day we moved in they came rushing over, introducing themselves and invited us over to play on the trampoline. We went camping all the time and our families did everything together. Kayla was always upbeat and always smiling. She was really nice and fun to be around, and she taught us all kinds of dance moves. Kayla was battling depression and I never even knew. She recently lost that battle and took her own life, but she taught me something. Always tell someone you love them, because you never know when it could be your last chance. Life is too short to fight and to be mad at the people you love. Take chances, live, laugh, love, and regret nothing. I might never understand why she did what she did, but I'll always remember her as one of the strongest and kindest people I've ever met. She put a new definition behind the saying I previously hated. You Only Live Once. Make it count and make an impact in someones life just like she did.  

Brian Betts

This guy is my rock. He has been there for me through all the shit life has thrown my way. I couldn't have found anyone better to spend my life with. He continuously helps people at the drop of a hat. Although he's stubborn, too smart for his own good, and does all kinds of things that drive me crazy, I love him. He has taught me a lot of things. Family always comes first and even though they do things that make you mad or upset, you're lucky to have them. Always help someone when you can. One night we were driving to my mom's house and there was a car pulled over with it's hazards on and a woman frantically waving her arms for someone to pull over. We pulled over to find a crying woman and her family stranded because they ran out of gas before reaching the exit. We drove the mile to the exit and bought them a gas can with enough gas to get them to the station, and brought it back to them. If there's someone in need of help, Brian is always there. He's also taught me, not exactly willingly, that I'm not always right. Brian is the sweetest guy who definitely knows how to treat a girl. He also has given me a reason to smile everyday. He has re-taught me how to trust, and how to explore. We've been on countless road trips and adventures. We love geocaching. Lastly he has taught me to not be afraid of the future. He has always supported me in everything I've done, or attempted to do. 

My challenge to you
Live everyday to your fullest. Follow your dreams, find your inspiration, and don't let the small things get you down. I've lost a lot, but just know that it gets better. Be strong when things get tough, love to your fullest, never give up, and always try again. Never miss an opportunity when it might be your last, and be someone's reason to smile. Who is your inspiration? Who taught you the most important things you've learned? And, what are your aspirations?         

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 things I hate

1. Mornings. I am NOT a morning person. Which makes working in a bakery interesting... I literally set 3 different alarms just to make sure I get up. God help whoever tries waking me up on my day off. When I'm not working I sleep until at least 2pm, and whenever I end up getting up I look like I have some serious 80's hair and some sick morning breath. So, clearly mornings are created by satan and I avoid them at all costs.

2. Guys with baggy pants. Seriously? There is nothing 'cool' or fashionable about it. You look ridiculous and no one wants to see your boxers or ass cheeks. I don't know how you can even walk?! Have some respect and buy pants that fit or a damn belt. Whoever started this 'trend' is an idiot.

3.When friends get in a yelling match with their parents right in front of you. It's super awkward and you just sit there, like do I leave or...? It's even worse when they start calling names and throwing around swear words. I swear my mother would beat the crap out of me if I talked to her the way some of my friends do to their parents. So when she thinks I get mouthy, she should hear one of my friends. Then maybe she'd be thankful I'm not bad at all.

4. How McDonalds can NEVER seem to get my order right. I go to the same one alllllll the time and apparently it's too difficult to leave the pickles off my big mac. It's not like it's that special of an order. Oh and when I ask for HOT chocolate chip cookies and you give me ones that feel like they just came out of a refrigerator, even though I specifically said HOT. Prepare for me to freak the eff out. I just love driving back through your drive-thru a second time when I'm already in a hurry.

5. People who chomp their gum. What are you, a cow?! It's not only super gross, but extremely rude. Especially if you're trying to converse with someone.

6. When your mom yells your name and you yell back, but she ignores you and acts like she can't hear you. So you yell back a few more times but have to get up and walk all the way upstairs or she'll get mad. Then she asks you to get something that was downstairs so you came upstairs for nothing.

7. When you're in class and the teacher asks a question, and you don't raise your hand. Then the teacher calls on you anyway. Like really? If I knew the answer then I would have raised my hand in the first place, but thanks for being a dick and trying to embarrass me.

8. People who talk during movies. Last Tuesday I was at the Theatre and there was a guy who was on his cell phone during the movie. Seriously?? People pay money to see movies and then people like that ruin it. We actually had to go get someone to shut him up. Or better yet, at scary movies and people over react and talk through the whole movie like, 'Don't go in the closet! Don't go in the closet! Dumb bitch, I told you not to go in the closet.' and I'm just sitting there like really? What idiot raised you. If you can't handle scary movies then get out or shut the hell up.

9. People who wear leggings as pants. Especially if they are overweight. It doesn't look good no matter how big or small someone is. They are NOT pants and look like someone painted pants on and went into public looking ridiculous. Cover your damn asses girls.

10. Being talked down to. I am an adult not a child, and I don't act like a child either. So, treat me with the respect you'd give any other adult. Talking to me like I'm beneath you is only going to piss me off, and get you nowhere. Okay, Sweetie? -_-

Annnnnnnnnnd end rant. Thanks for listening (:


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things I hate about my job

  I've had 6 different job so far in my life and there are definitely things I hate about all of them. I've mostly worked in kitchens as a line cook, and let me tell ya, there are quite a few things that piss off a chef, so I'll just name 5.

1.The thing I hate the absolute most is when it's 10 til close and a 8 top walks in and expects to be served. Seriously? I get that we're open til 10 at night but who the hell orders steak dinners at 9:50pm. Have you seen the movie Waiting? You know how the chefs are standing there with a clean kitchen looking at the clock ready to close and someone walks in and they are all pissed? Yeah, that really happens.

2.If you want a medium-well steak order one! Not a medium and then send back a perfect steak. Do you want to get shanked?

3.If you're a server and you step behind my line, prepare to get screamed at. Do I get in your way when you're trying to hurry? No.

4.Servers who don't dump the plates before throwing them in the dish pit.

5.Servers who drop the food I just made. Really?

NEVER piss off the person who is cooking your food. Watch the movie Waiting. You'll see what cooks are capable of. Doesn't matter if you're a server or a guest, don't piss off the chef.

I currently work at Target and there's plenty of things about my job that drive me crazy. 

1.If you decide you don't want something then PUT IT BACK! or if you don't want it then give it to me, the cashier. I have a bin to put it in, but no. Guests leave all these random items on top of the soda coolers next to the check lanes instead of giving it to me. They also love 'hiding' things in different places throughout the store. Someone does have to put it back, and that someone is me. We close at 10, but I don't get home til 12 because of this stupidity.

2.To all those people who unfold twenty shirts on each display and ball them up and throw them back down, there is a special place in hell for you. I spend a good 1-2 hours refolding those clothes before I can go home.

3. Three letters, WIC. If you are using a WIC check then freaking show it to me before I scan everything. I just love voiding an entire transaction just to enter your WIC information and start all over again. Plus, why do people get our tax money to buy cans of formula that cost $15 a can when they have boobs that produce FREE milk for their child. Unless you are physically unable to breastfeed, you do not need to be using peoples' tax money for expensive formula.

4.If you spill something, tell someone. Don't just leave it lay for us to find or someone else to slip and fall in. Especially chemicals or urine.

5.Incase nobody knows this, we get timed on every transaction when we cashier. So to the people who take twenty minutes to write a check, thanks for the negative score.

Annnnnnd End Rant. (: thanks for listening.