Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 things I hate

1. Mornings. I am NOT a morning person. Which makes working in a bakery interesting... I literally set 3 different alarms just to make sure I get up. God help whoever tries waking me up on my day off. When I'm not working I sleep until at least 2pm, and whenever I end up getting up I look like I have some serious 80's hair and some sick morning breath. So, clearly mornings are created by satan and I avoid them at all costs.

2. Guys with baggy pants. Seriously? There is nothing 'cool' or fashionable about it. You look ridiculous and no one wants to see your boxers or ass cheeks. I don't know how you can even walk?! Have some respect and buy pants that fit or a damn belt. Whoever started this 'trend' is an idiot.

3.When friends get in a yelling match with their parents right in front of you. It's super awkward and you just sit there, like do I leave or...? It's even worse when they start calling names and throwing around swear words. I swear my mother would beat the crap out of me if I talked to her the way some of my friends do to their parents. So when she thinks I get mouthy, she should hear one of my friends. Then maybe she'd be thankful I'm not bad at all.

4. How McDonalds can NEVER seem to get my order right. I go to the same one alllllll the time and apparently it's too difficult to leave the pickles off my big mac. It's not like it's that special of an order. Oh and when I ask for HOT chocolate chip cookies and you give me ones that feel like they just came out of a refrigerator, even though I specifically said HOT. Prepare for me to freak the eff out. I just love driving back through your drive-thru a second time when I'm already in a hurry.

5. People who chomp their gum. What are you, a cow?! It's not only super gross, but extremely rude. Especially if you're trying to converse with someone.

6. When your mom yells your name and you yell back, but she ignores you and acts like she can't hear you. So you yell back a few more times but have to get up and walk all the way upstairs or she'll get mad. Then she asks you to get something that was downstairs so you came upstairs for nothing.

7. When you're in class and the teacher asks a question, and you don't raise your hand. Then the teacher calls on you anyway. Like really? If I knew the answer then I would have raised my hand in the first place, but thanks for being a dick and trying to embarrass me.

8. People who talk during movies. Last Tuesday I was at the Theatre and there was a guy who was on his cell phone during the movie. Seriously?? People pay money to see movies and then people like that ruin it. We actually had to go get someone to shut him up. Or better yet, at scary movies and people over react and talk through the whole movie like, 'Don't go in the closet! Don't go in the closet! Dumb bitch, I told you not to go in the closet.' and I'm just sitting there like really? What idiot raised you. If you can't handle scary movies then get out or shut the hell up.

9. People who wear leggings as pants. Especially if they are overweight. It doesn't look good no matter how big or small someone is. They are NOT pants and look like someone painted pants on and went into public looking ridiculous. Cover your damn asses girls.

10. Being talked down to. I am an adult not a child, and I don't act like a child either. So, treat me with the respect you'd give any other adult. Talking to me like I'm beneath you is only going to piss me off, and get you nowhere. Okay, Sweetie? -_-

Annnnnnnnnnd end rant. Thanks for listening (:


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