Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things I hate about my job

  I've had 6 different job so far in my life and there are definitely things I hate about all of them. I've mostly worked in kitchens as a line cook, and let me tell ya, there are quite a few things that piss off a chef, so I'll just name 5.

1.The thing I hate the absolute most is when it's 10 til close and a 8 top walks in and expects to be served. Seriously? I get that we're open til 10 at night but who the hell orders steak dinners at 9:50pm. Have you seen the movie Waiting? You know how the chefs are standing there with a clean kitchen looking at the clock ready to close and someone walks in and they are all pissed? Yeah, that really happens.

2.If you want a medium-well steak order one! Not a medium and then send back a perfect steak. Do you want to get shanked?

3.If you're a server and you step behind my line, prepare to get screamed at. Do I get in your way when you're trying to hurry? No.

4.Servers who don't dump the plates before throwing them in the dish pit.

5.Servers who drop the food I just made. Really?

NEVER piss off the person who is cooking your food. Watch the movie Waiting. You'll see what cooks are capable of. Doesn't matter if you're a server or a guest, don't piss off the chef.

I currently work at Target and there's plenty of things about my job that drive me crazy. 

1.If you decide you don't want something then PUT IT BACK! or if you don't want it then give it to me, the cashier. I have a bin to put it in, but no. Guests leave all these random items on top of the soda coolers next to the check lanes instead of giving it to me. They also love 'hiding' things in different places throughout the store. Someone does have to put it back, and that someone is me. We close at 10, but I don't get home til 12 because of this stupidity.

2.To all those people who unfold twenty shirts on each display and ball them up and throw them back down, there is a special place in hell for you. I spend a good 1-2 hours refolding those clothes before I can go home.

3. Three letters, WIC. If you are using a WIC check then freaking show it to me before I scan everything. I just love voiding an entire transaction just to enter your WIC information and start all over again. Plus, why do people get our tax money to buy cans of formula that cost $15 a can when they have boobs that produce FREE milk for their child. Unless you are physically unable to breastfeed, you do not need to be using peoples' tax money for expensive formula.

4.If you spill something, tell someone. Don't just leave it lay for us to find or someone else to slip and fall in. Especially chemicals or urine.

5.Incase nobody knows this, we get timed on every transaction when we cashier. So to the people who take twenty minutes to write a check, thanks for the negative score.

Annnnnnd End Rant. (: thanks for listening.


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